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Source is a progressive rock/metal band out of Boulder Colorado. Formed in 2013, Benjamin Gleason, Justin Mirarck and Riley Selleck create consciousness based music through the exploration of flotation tanks, philosophy, meditation, yoga, and other embodiment and mindfulness practices. Their music is an expression of the sensations experienced on this planet, the profoundness of the human experience and the beauty of all that is. Their debut album “Return To Nothing” released September 23rd 2016 on Pavement Entertainment won Metal Nexus' #1 Best album of 2016 and Heavy Music HQ's #9 Best Progressive Metal album of 2016! The video for their new hit single "Memories of yesterday" has already been played on AXS TV, Promo Only, Club Com network and many more! 

Source recently finished their second album "Totality" with producer ulrich wild (deftones, pantera, dethklok, white zombie) and will be released March 1st 2019. "Totality" brings a more refined and evolved sound from Source which is sure to please progressive rock and metal fans alike. 


Music Video for "The Serpent" from the debut album "Return To Nothing"

The music video for "Memories of yesterday" form the debut album "Return To Nothing"

Press on Source



"The members of SourceBen Gleason (vocals and guitar), Georges OctoBous (formerly on drums) and Dan Crisafulli (formerly on bass) are all masters of their individual instruments but together create something that is so very powerful and special. The cohesion of rhythm, unusual chord progressions and sophisticated melodies add up to form music that is unbelievably complex yet so easy to listen to; maybe so bold to say: perfect."

"The music of Source is unique in its amalgamation of Progressive MetalRockHard Rock, Fusion and Psych producing a thick and riveting atmosphere from which pragmatic, overtly positive and poetic lyrics reflect a philosophical perspective on what it means to be human; be it through perceived positive or perceived negative experiences. We can choose to “numb out” as Ben so succinctly puts it, or bask in the joy of experiencing everything our short time here on Earth has to offer us. Grow to our daydream-worthy potential, building off of everyday minutiae instead of focusing on societal notions of happiness quantification. Love the experience of simply living because that is what defines us to ourselves in the end. Deep material here, that is at times bright, other times dark and daunting. Just as life: no qualification needed. Live!  Listen carefully, because this album could improve your view of yourself and the world surrounding you."



"First of all, these songs are literally bloated with transcendental atmospheres which seem to equally channel the mind-boggling soundscapes of Tool with the abrasiveness of early Gojira. Yes, the frontman does utilize a couple of growls and the guitars do manage to pound out some punchier riffs more often than not. There are still chants and what I’d consider “musical drug trips” but it still maintains itself as a mix between metal and progressive alt rock, which might make it an easier listen for those who don’t entirely care for the extremities of the metal genre. Most of the record actually consists of ridiculously well calculated time signatures, which are as mind-melting as anything I’ve ever heard from Tool. Adding to that, Source do not write short songs, with the shortest cut here being a little over eight minutes. There are slight interludes, but you can tell from listening to this record that you’re going to be getting a true full-length musical performance. It’s heavy except when it’s not, and it can get very tribal or acoustic depending on the mood. Songs are liable to carry several different emotions within these elongated times, backed by a production that literally sounds as good as anything you’d hear from a major music label."



"The whole album plays out like a platter of Tool served with a side of Opeth, smothered in extra progressive sauce. Yum."

"Return To Nothing is a promising debut from a band that knows what they like and aren't afraid to borrow from the best. Source has a bright future in the progressive metal scene." 


Source’s music is tight and focused, featuring brooding and mysterious lyrics that could have been sung by Maynard James Keenan or Eddie Vedder and heavy, lengthy instrumental passages featuring great use of alternate time signatures and multiple polyrhythms. The band sounds like they’re playing for the sheer joy of it, and their songs end when they end, with no concern for their length.

UnRated Music Magazine

"They drew in the crowd at Back Bar like no one's business. I was literally standing there with Aaron, the lead singer of Left with Tomorrow, surrounded by people saying they sound like Tool, GodSmack and Opeth. I could not be more impressed with what they did in Janesville, Wisconsin."


The Akademia Music Awards

"Linkin Park and Korn have nothing on these furiously ambitious rockers, and the multi-segmented 'Forgiveness' illustrates how Source could achieve their stature."


Prog Metal Zone

"(The) debut album by this Colorado band that is strongly influenced by Tool and Opeth but with some great fusion aspects, especially in some really inventive chords and rhythms."


JP's Music Blog

"Thunderous rhythm, dark aggressive tones, the vocals are bold and powerful, epic, the musicianship within the band is undeniable."


Empire Extreme

The entire album holds a level of passion and excitement that leaves the listener pondering their own life and existence."

Listen to A Sample from the new Album "REturn to Nothing"

Source Joined Hellyeah, in flames and from ashes to new for 27 shows on the "Forged in Fire" Tour from november 14 - December 19 2016!

Source has opened for national acts such as: Artifas, Another Lost Year, Girl On Fire, Like A Storm, Super Bob, Motograter, Soil, American Head Charge and has toured with TRAPT for 30 shows across the United States in the spring of 2016. 

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