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Getting his start on the pots and pans when he was 3, Ben has been engrossed in music from a very early age. He spent his childhood and adolescence studying singing, guitar, bass, piano, songwriting and electronic music production. After attending the Lamont Music Conservatory at the University of Denver for 2 years Ben decided that music school was limiting his musical growth. He dropped out of school to focus on forming a progressive metal/rock band. During his search for the perfect bandmates Ben founded Isolate Flotation Tank Center, a place where people can come use flotation/sensory deprivation tanks to heal and explore themselves. It was his exploration of flotation tanks that led to the creation of his band Source. As well as meeting bass player Dan Crisafulli at his float center, Ben credits his float experiences as being the main inspiration for Source’s debut album “Return To Nothing” which has already received international acclaim. Along with his band Source Ben is a prolific electronic music producer who releases beats under the name Glucose.

In his free time Ben puts lots of focus on his personal growth and embodiment work, spends time with his dog and cat, cooks gourmet food, practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is an avid Sci Fi fan.

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Growing up in upstate New York gave Dan the opportunity to spend most of his childhood outside exploring the woods, building and learning about nature as well as a healthy dose of all 4 seasons. He firmly believes that the changing of seasons is a healthy reminder of the constant changes and transformations that can happen within man. Who a person is begets what kind of music they put forward into the world. With these transformations in mind, Dan has always found solace in the fact that he doesn’t have to write how he has written before. He doesn’t have to use techniques that have been used before. His musical expression changes as the seasons do. Regardless of who he is playing with, Dan will always look to shed old musical “skin” and develop new ways of looking at his creations; namely on the bass guitar. It’s such a versatile instrument and is often overlooked. What drew Dan to the progressive side of music was the fact that he had seen so many bass players finally using unfamiliar techniques that were being showcased on a popular platform. This ultimately piqued his interest in exploring tone woods, strings, pickups as well as other often overlooked aspects of playing by the vast majority of “everyday” musicians.

Dan admits he often writes for himself, or for what he would want to hear in a song. This has made song writing even more enjoyable for him. Dan recalls thinking “Wow, if a bass player put this slap groove here while the heavy guitar was chugging I would instantly buy this record!” Those types of thought fuel how he writes, so naturally it comes as quite the pleasing shock when others enjoy it too. He has come to realize his style is a direct reflection of his psyche, personal interests and preference for solitude. His personal interests include studying various topics such as astrotheology, the occult, esoterica, religion and many more. He has found these fields of study to be the most rewarding and have taught him more about himself than any other thing he could imagine. Dan also enjoys yoga, meditation and concentration practices, weight training, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with loved ones.

Dan has been involved with music for a majority of his life and is a Warwick endorsed bass player. Along with playing guitar and drums Dan is also fluent in production and engineering.

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A Lebanese born pillar of charismatic percussion, Georges is known for his eclectic brand of progressive heavy hitting rhythms. His greatest work to date has been with the Colorado based progressive metal/ rock band SOURCE (most recently on the “Forged in Fire” US CANADA Tour w/ In Flames, HellYeah & From Ashes to New). Octobous has won favored acclaim from Guitar Center’s Drum Off and academic virility as studio coordinator for the School of Rock. With 15 years of Professional Studio drumming experience Georges has worked with Bob Marlett producer for Maroon 5 & Tracy Chapman, Toby Wright producer for Alice in Chains & Korn, Ronny Champagne producer for Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Scott Wilson producer/ bassist from Tantric, Everen Goknar at Capitol Records and Micheal Quatro of United Artists/ Evolution Records. Along with his studio credentials Octobous has extensive international touring experience with a plethora of aspiring artists who’ve shared the stage with Lamb of Gob, Trivium, Machinehead, Opeth, Devil Driver, Overkill, The Wailers, The Expendables, Slightly Stoopid, Iration, Pepper and Trapt. Georges approaches his drums with the focus and discipline of a martial artist as apparent in his “RETURN TO DRUMMING” video available on DVD.

When he is not on tour, teaching kids and spending hours practicing, Georges spends his free time practicing Mixed Martial Arts, exercising his skills as a professionally trained french chef and spending time with his friends and family.

OCTOBOUS continues to offer Private Lessons, Studio Session work & Appearances for Drum Clinics.

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